OPS ALTAIR - Emergency Drill

Fire is a critical situation requiring ‘all hands ’ to participate in the emergency. As such, all crew members should be assigned with tasks as per muster list, taking into consideration the type of the vessel, any special compartments’ requirements and the availability of systems onboard.

As per SOLAS, fire drills must be carried out with specific frequency (depending the vessel’s type) in order to ensure crew’s familiarity with equipment and procedures

Step by step drill

  • Crew members need guidance and senior officers (Chief officer/Chief Engineer) should provide detailed guidance for each step of drill. This will provide the necessary confidence to crew members on how to react during real situations.
  • Each drill should simulate reality as much as possible.
  • Injured personnel evacuation with stretcher’s use should be part of the drill in order to provide training on different technique
  • An effective briefing (toolbox meeting) should be the starting point of the drill. An effective debriefing and a written evaluation should be final stage of each drill.