Drug and Alcohol test

Drugs and alcohol can have a truly damaging effect on board a vessel. OCIMF recommends that seafarers be subject to testing and screening for drugs and alcohol abuse by means of a combined programme of un-announced testing and routine medical examination. The frequency of this un-announced testing should be sufficient so as to serve as an effective deterrent to such abuse. These general principles are referenced by many maritime companies.

What is An Alcohol Screening Test?

Alcohol screening tests can do more than just point to alcohol dependence (alcoholism). In addition, tests can be utilized to help identify excessive drinking that may lead to dependence, or the consequences that can come with drinking.

An alcohol screening test is a tool used to help determine if a person’s drinking has reached a risky level. The test, “was developed as a simple method of screening for excessive drinking and to assist in brief assessment,” according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

What Exactly is Mentioned in the Drug & Alcohol Policy on board Oceanindo vessels?

The Drug & Alcohol Policy for Oceanindo’s ships are mandatory regulation and an important code of conduct, which is to be strictly followed by those working on ships.

According to Drug and Alcohol Policy, it’s compulsory for seafarers to follow the “Drug & Alcohol Policy” on board they work for. Consumption and possession of drugs and other abused substances is strictly prohibited on all ships.

Below is a general overview of Drug & Alcohol policy used on board Oceanindo vessels:

Officers, crew members, family members, or shore staff visiting the ship is not allowed to bring alcohol or drugs on board ships. By the company policy, seafarers can be screened for alcohol and drug abuse during medical checkups prior to joining a ship.

Oceanindo have totally banned possession and consumption of alcohol on board Oceanindo ships and random alcohol testing of crews can also be done on board ships to ensure that there is no breach in the policy

Ship’s captain or senior officers can check any crew member suspected of having high level of alcohol in his system and is incapable of carrying out his duties. Seafarers who fail to follow the “Drug and Alcohol Policy” of the company is bound to face disciplinary actions and even dismissal from employment

It is the duty of the captain and senior officers on board Oceanindo vessel to ensure that the rules and regulations of drug and alcohol policy is enforced and followed on ships.