Manning Agency

Providing Qualified Crew and Professional Services

Oceanindo provide qualified crew, as required by Owners with regards to Nationality, number of crew, continuity.  All covered by Collective Agreement (CBA) with Indonesian Seamen’s Union (KPI). All Holding National and Flagstate certificates and endorsements required for the type of vessel they are joining.  In accordance with STCW-95 requirements.

The selection of suitable candidates is aided by the use of computerized testing techniques, which allows us to ensure that each candidate does indeed have the necessary level of knowledge, as well as a sufficiently good command of English to perform their duties to the standards that our clients and the industry demands.

We select Our ‘Seafarers’ based on a rigorous procedure. The Company’s training programme includes working with certified training centers with high standards combined with on board training.

  • Oceanindo recognizes that The Human Factor is a vital element in the successful completion of a maritime venture. 
  • The best of ships managed by the best shore operators cannot guarantee successful ship operations if the ships are manned by crew that does not perform to the highest standard.
  • Sourcing qualified crew with the right attitude and retaining the well-trained crew is a major challenge in today’s market.
  • Oceanindo has embarked upon this challenging route and today has a dedicated pool of well qualified seafarers who have been sourced and trained to ensure that a consistent supply of quality crew is available to our principal.
  • Crew Manning Agency where crew is supplied under a long term agreement and renewed annually.
  • Short term crew arrangements can be tailor made to suit customer requirement.

Crewing Experience

Our Officers & Ratings are experienced on the following vessels types :

  • Product Tanker
  • LNG
  • LPG
  • Bulk Carrier
  • Container
  • Crude Oil Tanker


  • Chemical Tanker
  • FSO
  • Anchor Handling (AHTS)
  • Crew Boat
  • Other Offshore Support Vessels